NiNi Harris


Life-Long St. Louis City resident, NiNi Harris has researched and written 18 books
on St. Louis history, ethnic groups, and architecture.
In her books, she has chronicled the history of the Carondelet and Holly Hills
neighborhoods and the remarkable evolution of Downtown St. Louis. She has
explored the stories and documented the history of the Polish immigrants to St.
Louis, the immigrants who built Bohemian Hill, and the 18th and 19th century history of Black St. Louisans. Harris has been studying and giving walking tours of St.
Louis Hills history and architecture for four decades.


STL TV host Tim Lampley talks with Calvin Riley, founder and owner of the George B. Vashon Museum of African American History, about his newest exhibit. The new exhibit at the museum features artifact and memorabilia of St. Louis native

There is no shortage of museums in St. Louis to showcase the city’s rich history and culture. The George B. Vashon Museum of African American History goes a step further, created with the intention of being a staple for the

This Valentine's Day, the Missouri History Museum opens its doors to Calvin Riley, a renowned St. Louis historian, who will be discussing his latest masterpiece, 'Black St. Louis.' The illustrated book is a testament to the city's 260 years of


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