NiNi Harris


Author/historian NiNi Harris has researched and written 15 books on St. Louis history and architecture. Her education began with her grandmother recalling tales of life in the old immigrant communities as she baked cakes and pies from scratch. Much of Harris’s time is spent digging through crumbling records, documenting the history of this great City. Her works have explored the stories of the waves of immigrants who built St. Louis’s remarkable brick neighborhoods and great Gothic and Romanesque churches. She has written about the profound effect of World War One and World War Two on this river metropolis. Her books recall the role St. Louis played in opening the American West and in the Union victory in the Civil War.


Within the pages of "Oldest St. Louis" by Nini Harris, readers will get to know the history of the Mound City's most iconic buildings and the stories that bring their walls to life. Included are some of the businesses and

Local author and historian NiNi Harris joins host Ryan Wrecker to discuss her new book, Oldest St. Louis.

In the 256 years since a French fur trader and his nephew put down roots on the banks of the Mississippi River, St. Louis has seen countless people, places and things come and go.


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