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Title: Oldest St. Louis
Author: NiNi Harris
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781681062792
Price: $20.95

From iconic buildings like the Old Cathedral to the Polish butcher shop in North City, Oldest St. Louis explores the history of St. Louis through the history of the city’s oldest institutions, streets, and businesses. From the oldest library book, to the oldest museum, Oldest St. Louis traces the history of the city’s rich cultural life. From the oldest Italian bar to the oldest bowling alley, the book recalls St. Louis’s ethnic traditions. In following the stories of the oldest businesses and institutions, the book becomes a sensory tour of St. Louis featuring the crunchy oatmeal cookies made in the Dutchtown neighborhood the same way for 82 years, the fragrance in the 138 year old Greenhouse in mid-winter and the beauty of St. Louis’s 184 year-old Lafayette Park. Oldest St. Louis is also a nostalgic look at recent history from the space-age design of South County Mall, to a cherry Coke made with a secret recipe since the Chuck-A-Burger drive-in restaurant opened in St. Ann in 1957.


Within the pages of "Oldest St. Louis" by Nini Harris, readers will get to know the history of the Mound City's most iconic buildings and the stories that bring their walls to life. Included are some of the businesses and

Local author and historian NiNi Harris joins host Ryan Wrecker to discuss her new book, Oldest St. Louis.

In the 256 years since a French fur trader and his nephew put down roots on the banks of the Mississippi River, St. Louis has seen countless people, places and things come and go.

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