Rossilynne Culgan


Rossilynne Skena Culgan is food and culture editor for The Incline (, a Pittsburgh news website. She writes about Pittsburgh’s dining scene, nightlife, arts community, history and everything in between. Before The Incline, Rossilynne worked at Carnegie Science Center, Thrillist,, the Tribune-Review, the Valley News Dispatch, and the Daily Collegian at Penn State. She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband Shane and their cat, Cleocatra.


There is so much to do in Pittsburgh and Rossilynne Culgan has made it a little easier to figure out what to do next with her book 100 Things to do in Pittsburgh Before You Die.

💛 Plan your Pittsburgh adventure at the launch party for the book 100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die written by The Incline’s very own director (Allegheny Center).

You may have seen her on TV. Maybe you heard her on the radio. Our intrepid and essential director, Rossilynne Skena Culgan, has written a book, and she’s been busy fielding interview requests ahead of its release.


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