100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die, Second Edition





Title: 100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die, Second Edition
Author: Rossilynne Culgan
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781681062020
Price: $16.00

The story of Pittsburgh’s transformation from a smoky steel town to a modern, high-tech city draws people from around the world to this corner of southwestern Pennsylvania. Pittsburghers are known for their deep pride in the city, and with so much to do and see (and eat!) around here it’s no wonder why.

100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die features itineraries and tips on what you’ll discover in the Steel City. Scale Mount Washington on the Incline, a century-old cable car. Admire the artwork of Pittsburgh native Andy Warhol. Kayak the three rivers. History buff? Travel back in time to the drama of the Whiskey Rebellion, which unfolded right here. Devour a Primanti’s sandwich topped with french fries—and dine at Pittsburgh’s other culinary hotspots, too. Maybe even pick up a little Pittsburghese, yinz.

As a lifetime resident of southwestern Pennsylvania and a seasoned traveler, author Rossilynne Culgan combines a local’s expertise with the spirit of discovery in her hometown. With this book as your guide, you won’t miss a thing on your quest to make memories in Pittsburgh.


When one says to themselves, “There’s nothing to do this weekend in Pittsburgh,” journalist Rossilynne Skena Culgan would beg to differ.

There is so much to do in Pittsburgh and Rossilynne Culgan has made it a little easier to figure out what to do next with her book 100 Things to do in Pittsburgh Before You Die.

💛 Plan your Pittsburgh adventure at the launch party for the book 100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die written by The Incline’s very own director (Allegheny Center).

You may have seen her on TV. Maybe you heard her on the radio. Our intrepid and essential director, Rossilynne Skena Culgan, has written a book, and she’s been busy fielding interview requests ahead of its release.

Incline magazine Editor and book author Rossilynne Culgan talks about her newest book 100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die.

On a daily basis, NEXTpittsburgh brings you the details on the coolest things to do, places to go and experiences to have in Pittsburgh—a constant feed of digital info that helps you make the most of your days and nights

In fun and quirky fashion, this revised second-edition book celebrates the top ways to connect with Pittsburgh and nearby surroundings.

City Books welcomed Rossilynne Skena Culgan to Shelf Life in Season 4 to discuss her new book 100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh before You Die.

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