Chicago Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for Chicago’s Hidden Treasures





Title: Chicago Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for Chicago’s Hidden Treasures
Author: Jessica Mlinaric
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Spiral-bound Softcover
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781681063584
Price: $20.95

“In an age when all too much of our exploration of the world has become virtual, this book gives us a challenging and fun way to experience Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods in three dimensions, with all of our senses.” —Geoffrey Baer

You are not holding a book; it’s a treasure map to unlock the hidden gems of Chicago’s neighborhoods. Chicago Scavenger invites you on an interactive mission to explore 17 neighborhoods across the city. Decipher the clues and track down the photos leading you to over 300 little-known museums, vibrant public artworks, nature areas, overlooked historical markers, charming cafes, architectural oddities, and more. Visit the nation’s first Black art museum and a B&B run by monks. Raise a glass at Chicago’s smallest bar and take a stroll down a real yellow brick road. From Pullman to Rogers Park, seek the thrill of discovery in Chicago’s unique and diverse neighborhoods.

Surprising stories and fun memories await you on this adventure. Urban explorers, foodies, culture enthusiasts, history geeks, and anyone curious about Chicago can put their skills to the test. Solve the riddles solo, team up with your family, or challenge friends with this mysterious and exciting way to experience Chicago. Author and travel writer Jessica Mlinaric brings her years of research, countless hours of exploring, and passion for Chicago to this one-of-a-kind quest. Come with an open mind and prepare to be amazed at the tales that you uncover. Once you embark on this epic Chicago scavenger hunt, you hold the key to connecting with the city like never before.


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