100 Things to Do on Route 66 Before You Die, Second Edition





Title: 100 Things to Do on Route 66 Before You Die, Second Edition
Author: Jim Hinckley
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781681065199
Price: $22.50

Officially, it doesn’t exist. On June 27, 1985, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials voted to decertify US 66 and to remove all its highway signs. Yet, iconic Route 66 is more popular and more famous than at any time in its nearly 100-year history. Tour companies based in Australia, Germany, Czechia, and other countries specialize in Route 66
tours. Route 66 associations in Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, and other countries organize tours and events, and enthusiasts worldwide attend the European Route 66 Festival in Germany and Czechia.

There is an infectious magic about a Route 66 adventure. Quirky attractions like the Grand Canyon Caverns and the World’s Second-Largest Rocking Chair; time capsule motels trimmed in colorful neon; fascinating museums like the Milburn-Price Culture Museum and the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum; and charming restaurants and diners, some owned by the same family since the 1920s, are all part of the allure. But what gives Route 66 its vibrancy is the passionate people who preserve its unique culture. 100 Things to Do on Route 66 Before You Die enhances a Route 66 odyssey. The foundation for Jim Hinckley’s America is a passion for sharing America’s story and for inspiring road trips by telling people where to go.

And that is what this book is: 100 favorite places on Route 66 where the line between America’s past, present, and future is blurred and where the best of Route 66 can be experienced.

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