Mike Urban


Mike Urban is a New England-based food and travel writer and the author of four books on New England cuisine: Clam Shacks, Lobster Shacks, The New England Diner Cookbook, and The New England Seafood Markets Cookbook. He is a regular food writer for Yankee magazine, contributing more than 25 articles over the past 10 years. He has been covering the Maine food scene for more than a decade through his writings and personal appearances.


What is more "New England" than lobster? And what New England state comes to mind when you think about lobster? Maine. The West Hartford Public Library next week is hosting a slideshow and author program featuring award-winning travel author Mike Urban, who

Mike Urban, New England-based food and travel writer; author of several books on New England cuisine, including Unique Eats and Eateries of Maine 11:30

National media outlets continue to give Maine its due respect in the hospitality field, as two local venues recently landed on more “best of” lists.