Carrie Kim


Carrie Kim is a freelance writer and designer who enjoys playing tour guide around Los Angeles. Her favorite day in L.A. is usually one that starts with an early matinee at the Cinerama Dome, extends Downtown for a late lunch, and ends up at one of L.A.’s iconic music venues for a live show. But most of all, she loves learning more about Los Angeles than she knew the weekend before.


That's when the Old Hollywood Walking Tour will team up with Danny Jensen, co-author of 100 Things to Do in Los Angeles Before You Die, for a special outing called "10 Things to Do in Old Hollywood Before You Die."

The guide was Danny Jensen, an LA expert, journalist and writer. Danny co-authored the book 100 Things To Do in Los Angeles Before You Die, which introduces the ultimate way to enjoy Los Angeles that even locals don't know about.

The signs have been up for days touting great deals for Labor Day weekend. Not every deal is a good deal, or even a deal at all. Danny Jensen, author of 100 Things To Do In Los Angeles Before You


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