Dea Hoover

Born in Hannibal and raised in Vandalia, Missouri, Dea Hoover knows her way around the backroads of Missouri. She’s accustomed to hearing the familiar mantra, “Are we there yet?”—thus the name of her full-service tour operation in the city of St. Louis. In 2008, Are We There Yet?, LLC expanded its operations with the acquisition of St. Louis’s first local receptive tour operation Discover St. Louis, LLC, founded in 1975. She is also the best-selling author of STL Scavenger. Dea and her husband Declan live in The Hill neighborhood of St. Louis where she plays in a league at the Italia-America Bocce Club. She is a voracious reader attending two book clubs and participating in all events to do with history.

Dea Hoover is interviewed by Ray Hartmann about her new book, Hannibal: A Walk through History.

This week, Lynn & Carl are joined by Joe Hanrahan and Rachel Tibbetts from The Midnight Company's original production of "Tinsel Town" and Dea Hoover from STL Scavenger to discuss their projects.


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