Jon Busdeker


Jon Busdeker is a former news reporter at the Orlando Sentinel and WESH 2 News. Busdeker and his wife, LeAnn, moved to Orlando in 2010 and fell in love with the state. He now works at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as the agency’s first storyteller. Busdeker co-hosts Bungalower and The Bus on Real Radio 104.1 FM.


The third edition of 100 Things to Do in Orlando Before You Die, a popular guidebook originally penned by John Brown, a nationally recognized TV anchor, and radio host, is now available online and in select shops across the country.

We're very fortunate to live in Central Florida. With all the food, attractions and beauty, there's always something to keep you busy. Two locals are back with another edition of their book 100 Things to Do in Orlando Before You Die.

Wondering what things to do in Orlando? Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can be overwhelmed with everything there is to see and do in Orlando and central Florida.