The Hill: St. Louis’s Italian American Neighborhood





Title: The Hill: St. Louis’s Italian American Neighborhood
Author: LynnMarie Alexander
Size: 11 x 11
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781681062884
Price: $39.95


A new book from St.Louis-based Reedy Press tells the story of the city's beloved Italian enclave. The Hill: St. Louis's Italian American Neighborhood by LynnMarie Alexander is available wherever books are sold.

The Hill is an enduring neighborhood in the St. Louis area and has maintained its identity since the late 19th century. Generations of residents have continued to live, worship, work, and entertain together forming a unique bond which is celebrated

Everybody has a favorite spot on the Hill. St. Louis’ Italian neighborhood has long been a draw for both suburbanites and tourists, offering a host of restaurants that have been run by the same families for generations — and a

Author Lynnmarie Alexander gives “The Hill” a subtitle that defines what everybody in this area already knows: “St. Louis’s Italian-American Neighborhood.”

LynnMarie Alexander can tell you all about the city’s beloved Italian enclave. In fact, she already has. She’d been “nogginating” on telling her neighborhood’s story for about five years and put pen to paper in January, and Reedy Press just

There are many historic restaurants and businesses in The Hill neighborhood, but this morning Tim Ezell checked out one of the new kids on the block. Café Dolce has been on The Hill for four months now. They serve a

A conversation with LynneMarie Alexander, author of The Hill, a new coffee table book with personal accounts and photos of the famous St. Louis Italian neighborhood.

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