LynnMarie Alexander

LynnMarie Alexander is a third generation Italian American living on The Hill in the home her maternal family owned since 1907. After five years, she continues to serve as the Director/Archivist of The Hill Neighborhood Center, funded by Hill 2000 Neighborhood Association and The Hill Business Association. She earned an MA in International Relations and a second MA in Modern European History, and was an adjunct professor of history and political science for over twenty years. Her most recent studies focused on immigration specifically the complex emotional adjustment skills immigrants develop to incorporate remembered customs of their ancestral home with everyday realities defining their new identity. Guests at the Hill Neighborhood Center present her with numerous accounts of The Hill Italians’ hard work and resiliency deftly used as coping tools. St. Ambrose Church as the community anchor, in addition to shared ancestry, homemade wine, hearty laughter, delicious food shared with family and friends prove to be the right combination for Hill immigrants to flourish. She looks forward to learning more.

A new book from St.Louis-based Reedy Press tells the story of the city's beloved Italian enclave. The Hill: St. Louis's Italian American Neighborhood by LynnMarie Alexander is available wherever books are sold.

The Hill is an enduring neighborhood in the St. Louis area and has maintained its identity since the late 19th century. Generations of residents have continued to live, worship, work, and entertain together forming a unique bond which is celebrated