David Laws


David Laws retired to Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula after living and working in Silicon Valley for nearly 50 years. He photographs, writes, and presents on the history of technology, California gardens, Silicon Valley, and Steinbeck Country. His work has appeared in numerous electronic and print media outlets from the BBC and NPR, to mobile apps, guidebooks, newspapers, magazines, and academic journals.


Published by Reedy Press, this $22.50 paperback by David Laws is truly weird, wonderful, and obscure.  Laws is a travel writer, author, and historian, and he lives in Pacific Grove, so he knows what he is talking about. At least,

No matter whether you arrived a few years ago, or your family has been here for generations, Monterey has secrets that will make your jaw drop. And Pacific Grove-based author David Laws is happy to share 84 of those. By “Monterey,”

It seems it all started with Steinbeck. David Laws, who had excelled in the computer chip business for some 50 years, had embarked on travel writing when he met Steinbeck scholar, Dr. Susan Shillinglaw. Few folks can ignite passion and perspective