Dennis Dillon


Dennis Dillon is a retired sportswriter and editor who worked 12 years at the St. Louis Globe-Democrat and 26 years at The Sporting News. Two of his stories received honorable mention in the Best American Sports Writing anthology. He also has written for and ESPN. In 2011, he received the Bob Broeg Award, presented by the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame (St. Louis Chapter) for entertainment, integrity, and professional devotion to the game of football. He is a native of Kansas City, Missouri, and a longtime St. Louisan.


The editors of Missouri Life reviewed nine books that we recommend you check out. From the weird and wonderful, to the struggle for the right to vote, to a charming children’s book, there is something for everyone to read.

What are the odds that two brothers would end up becoming authors and they would each have a book come out at the same time? That happened with Dennis Dillon and Dan Dillon of St. Louis and they will be

We explore the Lost Treasures of St. Louis, a comprehensive book showcasing unique historical sites, memorable events, and objects related to the city's rich history. Our special guest, Dennis Dillon, a retired sports writer and co-author of the book, reveals intriguing


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