Megan Bannister


Megan Bannister is an Iowa transplant who has called the Hawkeye State home for more than 14 years. An avid road tripper, Megan writes about offbeat destinations, roadside attractions, and “world’s largest” things. She is also the author of Iowa Supper Clubs, which highlights classic restaurants both past and present across the state. Megan lives in Des Moines with her husband, cat named Poe, and approximately 52 houseplants. Follow along with her adventures on social media, or by visiting


As your podcast hosts, we can't wait to take you on an adventure through the heart of America with our special guest, Iowa enthusiast and author Megan Bannister (Olio in Iowa). Brace yourselves for an enthralling journey as Megan uncovers

Some claim there's nothing to see in flyover country. But take a closer look and you'll discover that Iowa is home to hidden gems and secret spots abound.


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