Houston Culture Shock: Quirks, Customs, and Attitudes of H-Town





Title: Houston Culture Shock: Quirks, Customs, and Attitudes of H-Town
Author: William Dylan Powell
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781681062778
Price: $22.50

What is so great about living in the loop in Houston? How come people cheer when the price of oil goes up? And how do you pronounce Kuykendahl? If you’re one of the roughly hundred thousand people that moved to Houston in the last year, you’ve wondered all of these things and more. Houston Culture Shock is your guide to the things that make Houston unique that will help you explore the quirkiness, culture, and eccentricities of this city like no other.Get the answers to more questions like what it means to hunker down or is a taco just a taco? Find insider tips for understanding the lifestyle, weather, natural surroundings, local legends, and more. Whether it’s the rodeo, barbecue, or a swanga, this guide will help newcomers navigate the cityscape, food scene, and all the treasured events of this diverse Texas hub. Local writer Dylan Powell presents this lighthearted and comprehensive snapshot of H-Town personality that will make Houstonians nostalgic and Newstonians feel right at home.

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