100 Things to Do in Reno Before You Die, Second Edition



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Title: 100 Things to Do in Reno Before You Die, Second Edition
Author: Mikalee Byerman
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781681064697
Price: $18.00

Reno’s iconic downtown arch is emblazoned with the motto “The Biggest Little City in the World,” which reflects the city’s small-town charm and cosmopolitan character. Once a hidden gem, Northern Nevada spoils visitors and residents alike with four distinct seasons for outdoor fun, a burgeoning foodie scene, minutes-from-Lake-Tahoe proximity, and diverse arts and cultural celebrations.

In the updated second edition of this bestselling guide, learn about historic locations brimming with nostalgic magnetism, like Casale’s Halfway Club and the “Golden Turtle,” aka the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts. Explore nature in the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains, feed birds from your hand at Chickadee Ridge like a fairy-tale character, and explore trails with cascading waterfalls. Discover which casinos offer spa-tacular getaways and uncover brand new experiences, like the epic Reno Public Market and the Village at Rancharrah.

Award-winning author, podcaster, and tourism expert Mikalee Byerman helps you plan your bucket-list itinerary. Savor the best of Northern Nevada with the help of 100 Things to Do in Reno Before You Die, second edition.


Anyone who says you must do or see something before you die is setting herself to be second-guessed at the minimum, probably ridiculed and chastised, even slandered and libeled the way people are so vicious these days. Mikalee Byerman is

Whether you’ve lived in Reno your whole life, are new to town or have been here longer than you can remember but don’t quite call it home, there are 100 Things To Do in Reno Before You Die. Award-winning author, podcaster,

Author Mikalee Byerman leaves no bucket list unturned in the second edition of her guidebook, 100 Things to Do in Reno Before You Die, published in September. It’s a fun, precise, absorbing read on local food, drink, music, entertainment, sports,

100 Things to Do in Reno Before You Die by Mikalee Byerman (published August 2023): This short easy read by award-winning author and Nevada tourism expert Mikalee Byerman is funny, interesting, and you’re bound to find a place you’ll want

We’re closing season 2 of “Washoe Life” with a conversation with Mikalee Byerman, author of the book 100 Things to Do in Reno Before You Die. Celebrate the best of Washoe County including tips on local trails and restaurants with

Northern Nevadan author, marketer, and mother Mikalee Byerman has released the second edition of her next book 100 Things To Do in Reno Before You Die. Published by Reedy Press, it is the ideal guidebook for residents looking for their

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