Mikalee Byerman


Voted “Best Local Author” and “Best Creative Writer” in consecutive years in the Best of Nevada awards, Mikalee Byerman is a writer, humor essayist, marketing consultant, keynote speaker, and host of the 100 Things to Do in Reno Before You Die podcast. Her writing has gained national attention in publications like Ladies’ Home Journal, HuffPost, TIME magazine online, and the in-flight magazine for Southwest Airlines. And if you’re wondering, her name rhymes with “prickly fireman.” Follow her at—or, just in case you forget how to spell her name.


Anyone who says you must do or see something before you die is setting herself to be second-guessed at the minimum, probably ridiculed and chastised, even slandered and libeled the way people are so vicious these days. Mikalee Byerman is

Whether you’ve lived in Reno your whole life, are new to town or have been here longer than you can remember but don’t quite call it home, there are 100 Things To Do in Reno Before You Die. Award-winning author, podcaster,

Author Mikalee Byerman leaves no bucket list unturned in the second edition of her guidebook, 100 Things to Do in Reno Before You Die, published in September. It’s a fun, precise, absorbing read on local food, drink, music, entertainment, sports,


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