100 Things to Do in Billings Before You Die





Title: 100 Things to Do in Billings Before You Die
Author: Nancy Icopini and Gina Tarnacki
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781681064536
Price: $18.00

A dynamic city, and the largest in Montana, Billings offers all the attractions and entertainment of city life with the feel and friendliness of a small town. 100 Things to Do in Billings Before You Die will provide you with endless ideas for exploring this wonderful city and its surrounding areas.

Find Montana’s only walkable craft brew trail. Sample local delicacies (rattlesnake and bull fries to name a few) and savor chef specialties at award-winning restaurants. Marvel at the talent of local artists and visit galleries and gift shops for items that are uniquely Montana. Experience the early frontier lifestyle at the Western Heritage Center. See Clark’s signature etched into Pompeys Pillar along the Lewis and Clark Trail. View 2000-year-old cave drawings by the indigenous peoples. Attend a rodeo or go on a trail ride. Take a day trip to watch wild horses running free or to enjoy the vistas of the Beartooth Highway. And so much more!

No matter your interests, whether you are a Billings area resident or a visitor; there is something for everyone and every season in this fun bucket list guide put together by local author, Nancy Icopini, and her daughter, Gina Tarnacki.


If you are from the 406, you probably have big feelings about this place. It is our home; it is beautiful and massive, and as more and more people discover it, we find ourselves feeling protective of it. If people

There's a new book available in Billings, about Billings, and it's filled with places to see, eat and explore. Written by a mother-daughter duo, 100 Things to Do in Billings Before You Die is divided into five categories: Food and drink,

  Nancy Icopini has no idea how many miles she put on her car hopscotching all over town checking out this upscale martini bar or that comic shop. She was on a mission, along with her daughter, Gina Tarnacki, to find

Nancy Icopini and her daughter Gina Tarnacki had so much fun researching for 100 Things To Do In Billings Before You Die, it was hard to call it work. One day they were sipping martinis at Doc Harpers and another afternoon,

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