Nancy Icopini


Nancy Icopini and her daughter Gina Tarnacki run the Montana travel blog Nancy grew up on a farm east of Billings. After several years spent out-of-state working as an outdoor adventure education teacher, she is excited to be retired and living back in Billings.


If you are from the 406, you probably have big feelings about this place. It is our home; it is beautiful and massive, and as more and more people discover it, we find ourselves feeling protective of it. If people

There's a new book available in Billings, about Billings, and it's filled with places to see, eat and explore. Written by a mother-daughter duo, 100 Things to Do in Billings Before You Die is divided into five categories: Food and drink,

  Nancy Icopini has no idea how many miles she put on her car hopscotching all over town checking out this upscale martini bar or that comic shop. She was on a mission, along with her daughter, Gina Tarnacki, to find


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