San Francisco has long inspired writers, musicians, artists and other creative types to flock to The City by the Bay and relish in the fog, the food and the diverse culture. Many prolific American writers have called San Francisco home at one time or another, and the trend continues today. Talented modern-day authors have found a passion in writing about both San Francisco’s history and its promising future. Inspired by a city that has always been on the forefront of social progression and business innovation, writers are paying attention to see what San Francisco is going to do next. Smart Meetings sat down with Jill K. Robinson, author of San Francisco Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for San Francisco’s Hidden Treasures and Alec Scott, author of Oldest San Francisco: A Guide to Historic Treasures to learn more about what inspired their works, and what hidden gems of the city meeting professionals and attendees can discover in The City by The Bay.