“Matt was a careful and exacting editor. The finished product was terrific. The prose read beautifully and the illustrations were wonderful. And I still have not found a typo! Josh and Kerri were great as well. Kerri did a yeoman job with the last chapter on landmarks and they both have gone way beyond expectations in terms of promoting the book. They have had me on radio shows, set up book signings, and have kept up with book orders. I could not be happier—nor could the neighborhood. The book has put Tower Grove on the map and has instilled a real sense of pride in the community. I would definitely recommend Reedy Press to any author who is thinking of writing a community or neighborhood history.” —Mark Abbott, author of Tower Grove

“Oakland: A History of the People and Their Homes has been well-received by the officials and the citizens of Oakland. Everyone is impressed by the look and quality of this handsome book. Reedy did an excellent job with the layout and font selection. The most striking feature is the color insert highlighting photographs featuring 29 of our architectural gems. Oaklanders are justifiably proud of this beautiful publication. Thanks to Reedy Press for a quality product.” —Suzanne Bolten, author of Oakland: A History of the People and Their Homes

“On behalf of the City of Burbank and my colleagues on the City Council, I want to thank you for all of the work you did to publish the Burbank Centennial History Book. As you aware, we are celebrating 100 years as an incorporated city. This publication represents our rich and historic past, celebrates our present achievements, and provides insight to our city’s future. This book will offer treasured memories for years to come. We are thrilled with the results! Staff spent seven months researching and preparing the manuscript for this project. They informed me that you and your staff were very helpful and informative throughout the process, timelines were accurate, and delivery was always ahead of schedule. We are grateful for such exceptional service and a finished product that exceeded our expectations. Again, thank you for sharing in our historic milestone. We appreciate your assistance and guidance with our project.” —Anja Reinke, Mayor, City of Burbank

Southampton cover front

Southampton: An Unconventional History was a complex project involving five authors, more than 75 chapters, and hundreds of historic photos. The Reedy staff understood immediately our vision for the book and executed flawlessly. The design was elegant, and Reedy patiently worked through several rounds of our corrections in the proofing process. We are so happy we chose a regional press that knew our market and how to reach it. —Tim Fox, Editor of Southampton St. Louis: An Unconventional History

“As part of our centennial celebration, the University of Arkansas at Monticello contracted with Reedy Press to publish a book containing the history of our first century. The process was smooth, the finished product was of the highest quality, and the entire experience was much easier than any of us anticipated. Reedy Press handled a difficult project with ease.” —Jim Brewer, Director of Media Services, University of Arkansas at Monticello


“We are very pleased with both of the history books and how they look. The quality of the print job is excellent, the covers look great, and I really the page design and interior paper choice. Thanks so much for all of you work on this project, and more importantly, for your patience and understanding on our endless schedule changes and edits. You and your company have been very professional throughout the entire process.” —Teri D. Leatherbury, Executive Assistant to the President, Waubonsee Community College

“Reedy Press was invaluable in helping us establish the Webster University Press in 2007. Not only did Josh Stevens and Matt Heidenry guide us through all the details of the press’ set up, they provided design, editing, and production support for our first three titles. Their professionalism, enthusiasm and expertise have enabled Webster University Press to publish books that support an important part of the University’s mission—‘fostering dialogue, respect and understanding across boundaries and between peoples.’” —Laura Rein, Editor of Webster University Press and Dean of University Library

“The books arrived late yesterday. Everyone is thrilled. The book looks fantastic. We can't wait to distribute it. I don't think anyone else could have done as great a job as both of you have done through Reedy Press. I know this will be a major piece for us right now and for years to come. Thank you so much for keeping us on a steady course, for the early delivery, and the amazing product.” —Midge Wilcke, Director of Marketing and Communications, Boston University School of Management

“Reedy Press helped California State University, Fresno celebrate its Centennial in style with a beautifully rendered book commemorating the university’s “Century of Excellence.” But Reedy’s contribution to the success of the project ran much deeper. Reedy was engaged early in the book-planning process, helping establish do-able deadlines and guiding our efforts in gathering the material necessary for the most advantageous, expeditious presentation. And when things didn’t work out as planned, Reedy’s flexibility, expertise and task management skills made a huge difference for us in helping people new to the project achieve the ultimate objective. Reedy gave us design guidelines early so we had a clear idea of what we’d look like and so we could gather what we needed and not spend time we really didn’t have over-gathering. That paid off when we were in crunch mode at the end and Reedy was choosing from our very best material, rather than having to do time-consuming heavy editing at their end. From typeface to layout to copy editing and proofing, Reedy made up for the geographical distance between campus and St. Louis with clear direction and quick questions aimed at short-circuiting any possible miscommunications. Reedy also adapted to the multiple people involved at our end – a task that can be a challenge, especially under deadline pressure and when carried out long distance. And once the final product was sent off for printing, Reedy kept us advised of what was happening and rode herd on the project in China so we were able to deliver our first books in time for a Centennial Gala and Fresno State’s 100th Commencement, which had seemed impossible just a few months earlier. Reedy Press let us know in so many ways that it was dedicated to our project and was actively engaged with our team from beginning to end. We couldn’t have done it without Reedy Press.” —Lanny Larson, Office of University Communications, California State University, Fresno

“When we decided to create a book to commemorate our college's fiftieth anniversary, we started looking at books other colleges had published. The book that was our immediate favorite was published by Reedy Press. We contacted the staff there, and we were impressed with their customer service, their prices, and their professionalism. Our representative was a pleasure to work with and helped to guide us through the process of producing the perfect book to represent our history.” —Laura Floyd, Editor, Florence-Darlington Technical College: Celebrating 50 Years

“The publication of our 50th anniversary commemorative book was an entirely positiveexperience, thanks to Reedy Press. Once our manuscript was in their capable hands, they led us through the production process in a collegial, efficient, and helpful way. They were as committed to our project as if it were about their own company! The result is outstanding. Our book has been well-received and so appreciated. It is indeed a ‘beautiful’ book, and an elegant way to honor the founders and those who have contributed to Rio Hondo College through the years. Thanks to Matt Heidenry and Josh Stevens for their expertise and professional guidance.” —Susan Herney, Director, Marketing and Communications, Rio Hondo College

“Few times in life do events exceed expectations. The book is lovely. Thanks for a job well done!” —Charlotte Royeen, PhD, Dean, Doisy College of Health Sciences, Saint Louis University

Stories of the Journey Corban University

“All of us at Corban University are excited about the commemorative book we’ve just received and read. It is the capstone for our 75th anniversary celebration and we are pleased that it lived up to all expectations. When I started on this venture in the spring of 2009 I was hoping to find a partner that could serve us in the process of publishing. Prior to that, I had been logging the names of several commemorative book publishers that had approached us. After lengthy interviews with three companies, I interviewed with you and was amazed at the way you made the process so effortless. Along the way, we all managed to beat each deadline, which gave me time to review and refine things. In my story research, I connected with people and organizations that I never knew before. We “discovered” the two founders and two early presidents that had never been acknowledged previously. The payment plan was manageable, the schedule for writing and editing was comfortable and the feedback from your production house was very helpful. This was my 12th book published but the first with Reedy and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for your partnership in this book. It will be a treasure to all of us associated with Corban.” —Steve Hunt, author of Stories of the Journey: Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Corban University

“Reedy Press of St. Louis is more than a boutique publishing house. From conception to finish product, Josh Stevens and Matthew Heidenry never disappointed and helped me create an institutional history of Tiffin University that has been lauded as unique, definitive and pleasing to the eye. They bring history to life, augmenting the text with photographs and design that made the historical saga more powerful and understandable. Their tested methods of marketing and co-publishing should make them a house of choice for colleges and universities who wish to place their institutions in a historical contest. History is important, and Reedy Press will make it easy for you to tell your story.” —Michael A. Grandillo, PhD, Vice President for Development, Tiffin University

From Here To Anywhere A History Of Belmont University

“Belmont's Commemorative 125th Anniversary history book was a "first of its kind" project for the university. And for me, personally. I'm so glad we did the project with Reedy because they were able to walk us through the steps and best practices of development, production and marketing with expertise and patience. And the final product exceeded everyone's expectations. I'd definitely recommend Reedy to a colleague in the future.” —John Carney, Senior Director of University Marketing & Public Relations, Belmont University


“My experience with Reedy Press has been outstanding. I was a little apprehensive about having a 'long distance' firm print our 125th anniversary history book. But, in the end, they felt like the printer next door in terms of quick, efficient, and professional customer service. The completed book was beautiful and the price affordable as well. I’m very grateful to have worked with the staff at Reedy on this project.” —John L. Glancy, EdD Director, 125th Anniversary Celebration Seattle Pacific University

WSCC thumb

"After doing due diligence on several publishers, our steering committee selected Reedy Press because of its business model, professionalism, price, experience and quality. The project coordinator, Barbara Northcott, was a key point of contact throughout the entire process and we found her professionalism, guidance, graphic direction, and quick to response to questions and comments invaluable. From manuscript to print, Reedy Press is a clear choice for anyone seeking a publisher." —Thomas Hawley, Executive Director of College Relations, West Shore Community College

History Book Cover

"The team at Reedy Press were incredibly helpful, patient, and professional in helping "Pharmacy Pioneers: The First 150 Years of St. Louis College of Pharmacy" become a reality. Their copy editing team was exceptional and the print quality of the book is stunning. We have received so much glowing praise from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy community." —Markie Jo Crismon, Marketing Specialist, St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Lower Education

“I had my work cut out for me: Document 50 years of school history in a way that is meaningful to over 9,000 alumni and their families—no matter when they attended—in 112 pages. Bishop Kelley High School enlisted the help of Josh Stevens and Matt Heidenry at Reedy Press in St. Louis because we like the quality of their previous books and they could help with order fulfillment. Having never compiled and written such a book, we needed expertise and a tremendous amount of flexibility as we worked. Our book involved more research and copy than the samples we’d seen, so it took about a year to finish. Throughout the process, we got our layouts and proofs back very quickly, which helped us know how to proceed without losing time. Matt did a great job on the layouts and since he doesn’t know our alums, he was objective with the size, quality, and selection of photos. If we had specific graphics we needed to include, he helped us find a way. A project like this takes constant communication, promotion, and accurate billing; Reedy Press has come through. Ultimately, our goal was to create a keepsake that is popular with our audience. We pre-sold books and as our alumni see the books, the buzz is good, so we continue to sell copies.” —Betty O’Connor, Director of Public Relations, Bishop Kelley High School

Bishop School

“Reedy Press handled the design, printing, and marketing of The Bishop’s School’s Centennial history book with professionalism and courtesy. From our first meeting with the company’s representative, Josh Stevens, through every step of the production, the Reedy staff was attentive to the School’s needs and worked with us to publish a beautiful centennial history book.” —Suzanne Weiner, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, The Bishop’s School

Chaminade Legends and Lore

“Chaminade's Centennial book presented many challenges including formatting, old and new pictures in various sizes and conditions, text drafted by different individuals, numerous proof reviewers, and a tight time line. Matt, and Reedy Press, did an excellent job setting up the content, working with a variety of source imagery, keeping us on task, and then delivering an outstanding book. Matt had a great attitude, worked well with everyone at Chaminade, was flexible and used his experience to guide us in the right direction. He was a real project 'teammate' and, with him as our quarterback, it all came together. Chaminade: Legends and Lore is a fitting tribute to Chaminade College Preparatory School as well as Reedy Press.” —Craig Kaintz, Board of Trustees, Chaminade College Preparatory School

Christian Brothers College High School Then And Now

“Reedy Press’s editorial assistance and production of our commemorative hardcover book CBC - Then & Now was invaluable. Over the course of several months, we worked together as a team to locate vintage photographs and anecdotes that brought the pages to life. CBC - Then & Now was very well received within our community and made a great gift to our donors and for families who wanted to commemorate CBC’s place in their respective family history. Kudos to the crew at Reedy Press for guiding us through this fascinating process of producing a memorable coffee table book.” —Rob Staggenborg, APR, Director of Communications, Christian Brothers College High School

“The staff at Reedy Press is knowledgeable, insightful, and very patient. We worked together to transform a concept several years in the creation into a publication that has been enthusiastically received by a community now grown large, but still valuing its rich past. Josh and Matt couldn’t have been more helpful and forthright. Once we got underway with all the terms of the agreement spelled out, they met all their deadlines, and a beautiful book emerged of which I am very proud.” —Diane Oestreich, author of The History of Fullerton Union High School, 1893-2011

100 Selma 100 Years

“As Webster Groves High School prepared to publish a history of its school, we were very fortunate to have the guidance of Reedy Press. Josh Stevens and partner Matt Heidenry were consummate professionals as they worked with two neophytes in the development and publication of 100 Selma, 100 Years. Concept to a realistic work, timelines and deadlines, writing and technical support, and marketing tips were all provided by Josh and Matt. Meeting weekly at first and then twice a month, a sense of team developed as Webster Groves High School and Reedy Press worked to produce a work that was historically accurate, a balance of text and photographs, and appealing to alumni, current students, and our school community.” —Patricia Voss, Director of Alumni Relations, Webster Groves School District

St John Vianney High School

“I was recently a part of a group that produced a book commemorating St. John Vianney’s fiftieth anniversary. We worked with Josh Stevens and Matt Heidenry of Reedy Press. Throughout the process of putting together the book, Reedy Press was always organized, timely, thorough, and helpful. Matt and Josh were always very friendly and personable in our dealings with them. Reedy Press came in with an organized plan for the submission of information and photos that allowed ample time for the collection of copy and graphics, for proof-reading and making corrections or amendments, and for determining ways to market the book after publication. Our experience with Reedy Press was great, and the book that was produced is exceptional. The quality of the printing, the binding, the graphics, and the layout are everything that we had hoped for. We have received a number of compliments on the book from alumni and families who have purchased it.” —Jerry Stevison, Librarian, St. John Vianney High School

“Because of the guidance of Reedy Press, I am happy to affirm that the process of writing a 175TH anniversary book Visitation Academy, Educating the Mindand Heart 1833-2008 was a very satisfactory and enjoyable experience. My religious superior had asked me to undertake this somewhat daunting labor of love for my community and school, and I was assisted from the very beginning and all along the way by publisher Josh Stevens and editor Matt Heidenry. They were both a pleasure to work with: knowledgeable in their craft, insightful, reassuring and kind, practical and persevering to the end. I felt as if part of my family had moved out of town when the book was finished. I have and would recommend Josh, Matt, and Reedy Press to anyone wishing to collaborate with them to write and publish a book.” —Sister Marie Therese Ruthmann, VHM, Visitation Academy

“I worked as a consultant for Hewitt on the project and was involved in all phases including publisher selection, contract negotiations, book editing and layout, and marketing. Reedy has been a great partner. Always very responsive and available, they provided guidance when necessary and supported the writer’s efforts throughout. They showed great flexibility whenever last minute changes were needed, and more than delivered on every deadline. We have also gotten great marketing support from them. Indeed, though the book has only recently been published, it is selling extremely well. It has been a pleasure working with Reedy. I wish all partnerships went as smoothly!” —Linda van Kesteren, project consultant, The Hewitt School

University City Schools Our First 100 Years

“As a previously-published author of three books, I found Josh and Matt at Reedy Press to be masterful, professional, responsive, and thorough. They guided the publishing process from start to finish, provided expert perspective when asked and, importantly, before asked, and delivered a product that exceeded my already-high expectations. I am proud of the book we created, and I am certain that having Josh and Matt on the team helped ensure the project's success.” —Alan Spector, author of University City Schools: Our First 100 Years

“The idea of writing an anniversary book was very intimidating at first. However, Reedy Press guided us from start to finish and made what seemed like an overwhelming task very manageable. Within the first week, Matt, our account representative, took the time to outline the entire process and help us set up realistic deadlines. He was available every step of the way to answer questions and provide insight into best practices. When the book was finally published, we were thrilled with the outstanding quality; it was better than any of us would have imagined it would be. I appreciate Reedy Press’ ability to partner with us in this process, so that we have a wonderful keepsake that truly represents the spirit of this great school.” —Nora Cay Ryan, Director of Communications, St. Viator High School

Rooted In Faith And Growing In Knowledge

“The Oak Hill School is a top-tier private elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee. When we decided to publish a book as the souvenir for our fiftieth anniversary we wanted a commemorative piece that reflected the pride we have in our school, with a high level of quality and visual appeal. Of the multiple publishers we interviewed Reedy Press was the front runner in both price and look we wanted. The working relationship with Reedy was professional but easy going, skilled in the execution while listening to our desires, on task, yet accommodating. The finished product, quite literally, is stunning. Given as a gift to our constituency we have received nothing but rave reviews. Everybody agrees it is a beautiful book that captures Oak Hill School. Thank you, Reedy Press!” —Clinton J. Holloway, author of Rooted in Faith and Growing in Knowledge, Celebrating 50 Years of Oak Hill School

“Reedy Press helped The Lexington School produce two commemorative publications in honor of its 50th Anniversary celebration. The history and cookbook are both gorgeous gift-quality books and have sold way beyond our expectations. Reedy press was always accessible, always helpful, always flexible and never on time (because they always produce well ahead of deadlines). They are low-pressure and high-quality, and we would work with them again in a heartbeat. The Lexington School highly recommends Reedy Press for any special project.” —Amanda Hale, Director of Development, The Lexington School

Menlo School

“We contracted with Reedy Press to produce a history book on the occasion of our centennial year. Everyone at Reedy was a pleasure to work with, and extremely knowledgeable and patient. We appreciated their responsiveness, flexibility and advice throughout the project. I would definitely recommend Reedy Press to anyone who asks!” —Vidya Kagan, Director of Development, Menlo School

“For John Burroughs School's athletic book, Teammates for Life, a History of BurroughsAthletics 1923-2011, we couldn't have picked a better publishing partner than Reedy Press. Working with two volunteer authors and a team of editors from our school was a challenge that Reedy handled with professionalism, flexibility and thoughtfulness. Every picture, every word, every caption and every name had to be just right, and Reedy's terrific staff helped keep us on target, on budget and moving toward an exceptional end product. The quality of the printing matched the time and care put into this flagship book for the Burroughs community, and we are extremely grateful. We've been receiving rave reviews for the entire project, and we look forward to partnering with Reedy Press again in coming years as we begin working on our centennial book, which is due out in 2023.” —Jim Kemp, Director of Development, John Burroughs School

“Reedy Press was an excellent partner in publishing Stuart's book on the first fifty years. We selected Reedy Press because of their extensive experience in publishing commemorative books for independent schools, as well as the attention to customer service apparent from the start. The people (Josh and Matt) at Reedy Press made a daunting process much easier with clear schedules and open communication. I especially appreciated their flexibility—despite delays from our end, the final book is beautiful and was delivered on time. I would highly recommend Reedy Press to any school looking to publish a similar book.” —Risa Engel, Director of Communications, Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart

100 Faces of NCCS cover 2sided_Page_1

In honor of New Canaan Country School’s centennial, we turned to Reedy Press for the publication of two commemorative books; I lead the charge on one book geared toward our alumni community. Not only did the alumni publication turn out beautifully, Reedy Press—specifically Barbara Northcott—patiently and thoroughly walked this neophyte through the publishing process. Barbara made herself available to me at all times and fielded my many questions with confidence, knowledge and grace. The 100 Faces of New Canaan Country School has received many accolades since its release and Reedy Press played a pivotal role in its successful reception by our alumni community. —Gina S. Ely, Director of Alumni Affairs, New Canaan Country School

Derryfield Coverjpg

“Reedy Press was a terrific partner for our publication of The Derryfield School: 50 Years of Passion and Purpose. Our golden anniversary book featured a diverse range of content and voices from across the decades and Reedy helped package it all into a cohesive, attractive, compelling book that wowed its recipients. During each step along the way the pros at Reedy accommodated our requests and guided us through a very successful collaboration. Thanks to all at Reedy for a job very well done!” —Bryan Handwerk, Project Consultant, The Derryfield School

“Highland Park ISD's Centennial book was truly a labor of love. Like most ambitious projects, it took many hands to produce. The book involved hundreds of contributions - photos, stories and articles - by community members, staff members and alumni, and Reedy Press supplied the expertise to help us produce a legacy piece. Josh Stevens and the entire team at Reedy Press were a pleasure to work with, guiding us with layout and copy suggestions, and helping with the many, many photos we included to capture the history and culture of our remarkable school district. The book was published nearly a year ago, but we constantly receive comments from our community members about how much they love it.” —Helen Williams, Director of Communications, Highland Park ISD

"Barbara, you and all the people at Reedy did a wonderful job getting our institution's history into print and in a readable and enjoyable form. Thank you so much." —Mike Donlin, Cotter Schools

“Platform tennis, like publishing, is a team endeavor. When the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame Foundation decided to produce a coffee table book about the history of our sport, we knew we needed a strong partner. Fortunately, we recruited Josh Stevens and Matt Heidenry of Reedy Press. With expert copyediting, efficient turnaround, and highly competitive pricing, our book was a winner. We would absolutely recommend this talented team. Game set match, Reedy.” —Christina Kelly, project coordinator, Platform Tennis Hall of Fame Foundation

Historic Rowayton

“When the Rowayton Historical Society decided to publish a book about our town’s historic homes and places we were woefully ignorant of what we were getting ourselves into. Luckily for us we chose to have Reedy Press publish our book. The team at Reedy walked with us every step of the way, giving us clear deadlines, and explaining the entire process to us. We had a tight schedule, and they helped to keep us on track to make our deadlines. They were incredibly patient when we changed our minds (often) and kept us abreast of any choices which would result in a higher bottom line. Their suggestions were always timely, and made with the success of the publication in mind. The resulting book “Historic Rowayton” has been wildly popular, and that is in no small part thanks to the people at Reedy Press.” —Lauren Henry, project coordinator, Rowayton Historical Society

“In 2009 the Glennon Guild decided to create a cookbook to raise money for Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center. We were originally considering a large out-of-town publisher that specializes in fundraising cookbooks. Fortunately, we were introduced to Reedy Press before making any commitments. From that first meeting with Reedy, we knew we were in good hands. Although we had a vision for the end product we wanted to create, we were a little naive about how to get there. Matt and Josh were a tremendous help throughout the process; from the layout and design of the book to logistics and delivery. They walked us through teach step, and laid out a realistic timeline for us to follow. When we made changes, they offered great commentary and were more than patient throughout each change and revision. Through this partnership we not only created a beautiful cookbook but did it at a lower cost than had we used the out-of-town publisher. I would highly recommend them to anyone...without hesitation!” —Susan Soucy, Co-Chair Glennon Gourmet Cookbook and Glennon Guild Board Member

Clayton Missouri An Urban Story

“It has been a pleasure working with Reedy Press and their staff to complete a Clayton History Book for our Centennial Celebration. When we first began talking about this project, it seemed daunting to me, but they were able to guide us through the process, lend their expertise on editing, photography and marketing of the manuscript once it was finished. In the end we have published a book that not only tells the history of our community, but inspires us for the next 100 years!” —Patty DeForrest, CPRE, Director of Parks and Recreation

Victory Through Valor

“Reedy Press did a great job of putting our collection of World War II interviews into book form in a timely fashion at an attractive price for our organization. We are very pleased with the quality of the book and the service provided both before and after the book was completed.” —W. Kent Stephens, President of the St. Louis Gateway Chapter, Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge

“The Sheldon was very pleased to work with Reedy Press on two important books related to exhibits in our Sheldon Art Galleries. Josephine Baker: Image and Icon and City of Gabriels: The History of Jazz in St. Louis, 1895 - 1973 were beautifully designed and were marketed well. Both books were well received, with the Baker book now in a second printing. We look forward to working with Reedy Press on future projects.” —Paul K. Reuter, Executive Director, Sheldon Arts Foundation

Lets Start

“In 2010 Let’s Start published a school based curriculum to be used for a group process for children with a parent in prison. Reedy Press was the publisher. Let’s Start had no prior experience in publishing, but working with Reedy Press was a positive experience. Their insights, suggestions, knowledge and professionalism were most helpful. They made the publication of the curriculum an enjoyable and exciting process.” —S. Jackie Toben, SSNE, Director, Let’s Start


“I researched an important Illinois family from the early 1800s and wrote a newspaper column for a number of years about the family and the restoration of their 1820s home. The time came when I wanted to publish a compilation. Finding Reedy Press and Josh and Matt was my good fortune. It was a great experience as they guided me through the process. My book not only reads good, it feels good!” —Karen Campe Mateyka, author of Henry the Stephenson House Mouse


The book has been very successful, owing in no small part to your editorial skill and the design experts at Reedy Press. I'm grateful to all of you for a beautiful book, which has given our community much pleasure and a sense of pride in our history. Thank you, Barbara, for guiding me through the process so patiently. —Nona Greene, The Episcopal Parish of St. Matthew

CID Cover145px

"The Reedy team was patient and responsive to our request for a design change and worked diligently, responsibly and patiently with me to make our CID history book the best it could be. We are very proud of the results." —Kim Readmond, Director of Communications, Central Institute for the Deaf

“The Deaconess Spirit book made its debut today, and it is a hit! Thank you so much for the fantastic partnership. The book is beautiful – even those Deaconess Sisters would be proud. Thank you for working with us through all sorts of curves, and ensuring that we had the best "placemats" ever at tonight’s celebratory dinner. I would recommend Reedy to anyone!” —Jane Donahue, Vice President, Deaconess Foundation


Our vision was clear: we wanted a commemorative book to serve as the high-profile centerpiece of our organization’s 100 Year anniversary celebration. The outstanding Reedy Press team made that vision a reality. We could not be more pleased! Our Tulsa Boys’ Home Centennial Commemorative Book “100 Years of Healing and Hope” is a beautifully designed publication that tells our remarkable story very well. In a special way, it will help support our mission for years to come. We highly recommend Reedy Press to anyone considering a book project like ours. From the start, Josh Stevens, Reedy Press Co-Founder and Leader, offered excellent insights, including the big picture of how we would accomplish our goal. Barbara Northcott, Reedy Press Production Leader, offered her consistent, practical and wonderful expertise throughout the project. Nick Hoeing, Reedy Press Book Designer, applied a masterful, creative touch that exceeded our expectations. If you want a great value, top-notch book for your organization, look no further than Reedy Press! —Gregg Conway, Mieke Epps, Kaycee Aragon, Kevin & Christy Conway, Tulsa Boys' Home Centennial Commemorative Book Team

Henson cover

"Working with Reedy Press, particularly with Barbara Northcott, has been a real pleasure! As I came to find out, it takes a village to write and publish a book of this magnitude and I could not have done it without the expertise Reedy brought to the table. We crafted a book that is accessible to the lay public, but still academic in its approach and presentation. The final product is completely polished – in large part to the effort their staff dedicated to the editing process and in layout, ensuring every image is crystal clear. I am incredibly proud of this work, and feel that 'Sharp Flashes of Lightning Come From Black Clouds' will be a welcomed supplement to the interpretive experience we will provide at the new Josiah Henson Museum." —Jamie F. Kuhns, Author and Senior Historian, M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks

Fleischmann cover

Working with Reedy Press on "Fleischmann’s @ 150: Still The One" has been an incredible experience from the initial meeting to start the project to final shipping and delivery of books to our offices. The experienced resource team at Reedy Press was an asset at every turn, including the overall publishing process, layout and graphics, microscopic-like editorial review and completion. And did we say the look, feel & quality of the finished coffee table book came out better than we could have ever imagined? Well, it did. You don’t have many chances to capture 150 years of brand history, and we’re glad we trusted Reedy Press with our story. —Rick Oleshak, VP of Marketing, AB Mauri North America