Unique Eats and Eateries of Denver





Title: Unique Eats and Eateries of Denver
Author: Chad Chisholm
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781681061979
Price: $20.95

Far from the Wild West days of campfire cookouts and local meats only, Denver is now home to refined restaurants, renowned chefs, and internationally inspired fare. From a rich history of culinary creation to contemporary experimentation in cooking, the Mile High City is on the map as a food destination. Unique Eats and Eateries of Denver dives fork first into this fascinating city, which has become a haven for hungry diners and eager chefs alike. Tales of the incredible history and people behind the restaurants make each story as rich as the agronomy and ranching found all around the capital city. Check out historic haunts like Denver’s longest-running restaurant with a reign spanning three centuries. You’ll never be bored at a new Englewood brewery and pizzeria, where hundreds of arcade and board games fill the tabletops. Think you have the courage to try the old cowboy favorite, Rocky Mountain oysters? You’ll find tips for the best places to try this Western delicacy along with many more. Denver-based author Chad Chisholm brings a local palate and adventurous appetite to this mouthwatering work. Anyone needing a bite to eat between the High Plains and the Rocky Mountains will find the perfect recommendation with this guide.

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