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Title: The Buffalo Bills: An Illustrated Timeline of a Storied Team
Author: Budd Bailey and Greg Tranter
Size: 11 x 9
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781681064499
Price: $42.00

The bonds between the Buffalo Bills are deep and numerous, and they’ve never been as strong as they are right now. The Bills currently rank as one of the best teams in the National Football League, and they certainly are one of its most exciting teams as well. With an ardent fan base that is second to none, no wonder the most popular phrase around Western New York these days is “Go Bills!”

Such loyalty has been built up during the 60-plus years that the team has played football. There have been amazing highs and discouraging lows during that time, and those moments are all brought back to life in The Buffalo Bills: An Illustrated Timeline of a Storied Team. The Bills were born as members of the American Football League in 1960, and they soon rose to become champions in 1964 and 1965. The team has had some great moments since then, including record-breaking performances and a run of four straight Super Bowl appearances in the early 1990s that may never be duplicated. Meanwhile, some of football’s top players—Jack Kemp, O.J. Simpson, Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs—have worn the Bills’ uniform.

Authors Greg D. Tranter and Budd Bailey have seen almost all of it, from “The Hit Heard ‘Round the World” to Damar Hamlin’s “Did we win?” after waking up in a Cincinnati hospital. Their recounting of such stories fill a book that will make you want to “Shout!”


TRIFECTA – Three authors who focus on local attractions will sign their books from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday in 42 North Brewing Co., 25 Pine St., East Aurora. Appearing are Bruce Kershner, Jennifer Hillman and William McKeever (Secret Places

Very few people in the world get to a live a dream. Elmira’s Greg Tranter, a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan, is living his. Over the weekend, Tranter was a special guest at Barnes & Noble in Big Flats signing his new

One Elmira native returned home for a special book signing. Elmira native and Buffalo Bills historian Greg Tranter returned to the Twin Tiers for a special book signing, on Saturday. Tranter signed copies of his new co-authored book The Buffalo Bills

The Cleveland Browns wanted badly to bring University of Miami quarterback Bernie Kosar to their roster in the spring of 1985. But how could they do it? It took some unprecedented maneuvering in association with the Bills to make it

After Monday night’s overtime loss to the AFC East rival New York Jets, Bills fans might be more inclined to use a Zippo to light up some jerseys than a victory cigar.

Not all marketing ideas connected with the Bills have been a huge success. Exhibit A for that is the gone-but-not-forgotten “Whammy Weenie.”

Many among the rabid fan base of the Buffalo Bills are expecting greatness as the team starts its 2023 season. Leave it to veteran sports journalist Budd Bailey to offer a sobering reminder.

This probably is the best running gag in the history of the Bills. Even better, everyone was in on it … except the victims.

Just in time for football season, two authors and Buffalo sports historians have an offering aimed at Buffalo Bills fans. Written by Greg D. Tranter and Budd Bailey, The Buffalo Bills: an Illustrated Timeline of a Storied Team is a 176-page

The Bills and Cincinnati Bengals played a rather typical first half in a meeting of projected also-rans in the second week of the season. The teams were tied at 10-10 after 30 minutes of play, even though Buffalo ran up

When the Bills drafted O.J. Simpson after the 1968 college football season, their fans probably figured that he wasn’t the type of player who would spend his entire career in Buffalo. Stars like that don’t hang around forever in Western

When the American Football League merged with the National Football League in 1966, the clock started ticking. The two leagues were scheduled to play under their own names through 1969, and then they would fully combine to become one league

Budd Bailey and Greg Tranter didn't know each other while growing up in Elmira in the 1960s and early '70s, but a connection they shared then led the future friends to co-author a newly released book that chronicles the history

AUTHOR, AUTHOR– A new coffee table book, The Buffalo Bills: An Illustrated Timeline of a Storied Team, will be launched at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Buffalo History Museum. The co-authors, sports historian Greg Tranter and former Buffalo News sportswriter

My first in-person NFL game came on Oct. 10, 1971 when my dad took me to War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo. That Sunday afternoon spent on Dodge and Best streets and Jefferson Avenue featured the Bills, who would finish the

The Bills have had a variety of great comeback wins over the years. This one became overlooked after a while, because the same two teams played in the American Football League title game a few weeks later. But the game

Join PK as he had the pleasure of chatting with a legend in the Buffalo Sports department, Budd Bailey, Auther of the new book The Buffalo Bills - An Illustrated Timeline of a Storied Team. We talk about he reasons

Greg D. Tranter and Budd Bailey have released a book called The Buffalo Bills: An Illustrated Timeline of a Storied Team.” The book covers the history of the Buffalo Bills from their first season in 1960 to the 2022 campaign.

A popular article’s claim that the genre is in trouble goes too far. Esquire this month posted a piece by writer Jordan Teicher titled "What Happened to All the Sports Books?" The writer makes the case that nonfiction sports books are

Hour 4: Talking some history on the Buffalo Bills with Buddy Bailey on his new book The Buffalo Bills: An Illustrated Timeline of a Storied Team.

Sometimes professional sports offer a diversion from the problems of everyday life; sometimes they offer a reminder. This turned out to be the latter.

A new book on the history of the Buffalo Bills is set to be released. The book, called The Buffalo Bills: An Illustrated Timeline of a Storied Team, is now available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other local bookstores.

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