Mifflin Drift





Title: Mifflin Drift
Author: Matthew Eley and Larry Eley
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9781681063737
Price: $19.00

Fifteen-year-old Larry never wanted to leave the calm of his grandparent’s farm, but now he’s in Northglen, Ohio living in a cramped home with his mom and boozy stepfather, E.A. Darnell. The high school is run with an iron fist by groups called the Rat Pack and the Gents. The neighborhood is packed with weirdos. On top of that, E.A. has a habit of losing jobs, including the one that brought them here. When he comes home drunk one night and tells Larry to get out, he’s half tempted to do it.

But Larry is soon adopted by a gang of local toughs that roam the woods beyond the stream that locals call Sewer Creek, throwing cherry bombs at skinny dippers and sneaking into the drive-in theater. Complicating Larry’s love life is Kathy, a member of the Rat Pack who’d love to date a baseball player if her Hollywood mother would sign on. Then there’s Lynn, the gutsy charmer he can’t forget, but who refuses to even tell Larry where she lives.

Mifflin Drift is about eight friends in pre-Vietnam America and how they grew up—despite their best efforts not to.

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