Letters Home from Stanford





Title: Letters Home from Stanford
Author: Alison Carpenter Davis
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 368
Price: $29.95

Letters Home from Stanford, a collection of the hand-written and electronic correspondence of generations of Stanford students, recalls the common human experience of breaking out and trying to find our way as we observe the world around us and look over the shoulder toward home. From first letters home freshman year and firsthand accounts of historical events to questions about self and questions about laundry, these letters, emails, and texts evoke a sense of the heritage, history, and shared experience common to college students everywhere, and Stanford students in particular. Walk the Quad with Lucy, member of the Pioneer Class, who headed west to Stanford in 1891, and Laine, feisty member of the Class of 2016. Live history as Hope celebrates the end of World War l, throw snowballs in the Quad with Elaine in 1962, celebrate with Burnham when he makes the newspaper staff on his second try in 1923, root for the Cardinal—er, Trees?—at yet another Big Game,  name the year. Letters Home from Stanford asks us to explore what Stanford is, has been, and can be—to ourselves and to others—and to reflect on how it matters to us still. From desks, benches, and patches of grass across campus and the decades, Stanford’s students challenge, engage, and inspire you—just like the gang back in the dorm. One person’s correspondence tells one Stanford story. Together, they tell all of ours.


In this program, Alison Carpenter Davis, '79, discusses her recently published book Letters Home from Stanford, a collection of handwritten and electronic correspondence sent home by generations of Stanford students.

"All the same, I'm glad I didn't go to Berkeley." —Stanford student Hope Snedden in a letter to her father, Dec. 1, 1918

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