Gateway Arch: An Illustrated Timeline





Title: Gateway Arch: An Illustrated Timeline
Author: John C. Guenther
Size: 8.5 x 11
Binding: Bookazine
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9781681064468
Price: $17.00

An icon of Structural Expressionism, the Gateway Arch expresses both a timeless monumentality and a contemporary dynamism. The story of how this monument came to be is remarkable. John Guenther, architect and historian, seeks to “connect the dots” of history and take readers through the key events which led to the building of the Gateway Arch, assisted by historic images. Enjoy a chronological look at the historic foundations of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, starting from the very beginning: when the Louisiana territory was controlled by France.

St. Louis’s central location has been key to US history, serving as the “Gateway to the West”; it was here that Lewis and Clark began their Corps of Discovery Expedition (1804–1806). Located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, St. Louis was a major port in the Golden Age of Steamboating and the origin of the Missouri-Pacific Railroad in 1849 to forge connection between the east and the west coast. Learn how Eero Saarinen’s Gateway Arch is a powerful and symbolic expression of this westward exploration.

Gateway Arch: An Illustrated Timeline explores the planning, growth, and evolution of St. Louis and its riverfront. It reveals the vision, determination, persistence, collaboration, creativity, and innovation on the part of many, as the design and realization of the Gateway Arch continues to evolve over time.

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