Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline, Second Edition





Title: Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline, Second Edition
Author: Paul Vachon
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781681064307
Price: $27.00

Walking the streets of Detroit today, it’s hard to imagine the accumulated stories of its centuries of history.

First founded as a military outpost, Detroit played host to French farmers, stove builders, and railroad car manufacturers before becoming the backdrop to the auto industry—arguably the most influential technology in history. Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline invites the curious reader along that chronological path that is Detroit’s past and present. Along the journey a myriad of fascinating events took place: the city’s fall to the British during the War of 1812, the existence of slavery in Detroit as late as the 1820s, and Mayor Hazen Pingree’s aggressive advocacy for the everyday citizen against corporate interests.

Twentieth century entries include Detroit’s underappreciated architectural heritage, the development of its notable cultural institutions, as well as the exploits of assorted scoundrels, such as the Black Legion, the Purple Gang, Harry Bennett, and Father Charles Coughlin. Not to be omitted are the history of the Detroit Police Department’s Red Squad, and the city’s newspaper strike of 1967-68.

The book ends on a high note by drawing attention to some recent milestones—the reopening of the Book Cadillac Hotel, the restoration of the Michigan Central Station as a center for automotive research, and Detroit’s selection as a UNESCO City of Design. Local author Paul Vachon brings more than 300 years of Detroit history, facts, and photos together in a collection that will enlighten even longtime residents of the city.


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I want to sneak in a quick highlight of the release of the second edition of local author and Hour Detroit contributor Paul Vachon’s excellent Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline, from Reedy Press. Even for the most hard-core history buffs, Vachon’s

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Author of Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline, 2nd Edition

Detroit's rich history is the topic of a new book from author and local historian Paul Vachon called Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline.

AmericaJR’s Jason Rzucidlo spoke one-on-one with author Paul Vachon, who wrote Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline. He is a lifelong resident of Detroit, Michigan. Vachon is a freelance writer specializing in local history, historical preservation and popular culture. His new hardcover

Paul Vachon, the author of Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline, speaks with Detroit Today producer and guest-host Jake Neher about the book and the history of Detroit.

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Paul Vachon enjoys telling Detroit’s story, and he has a new book that goes over the past 300 years of its ups and downs. Reedy Press has published his latest book, Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline, which explores the history of

It's clearly way too early to start thinking Christmas gifts, but an obvious candidate has just landed—a good-looking, absorbing new book titled Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline. 

Three centuries of this fascinating city’s history are explored in the new book by Paul Vachon, Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline. 

Raised in Bloomfield Hills and educated in Birmingham schools, Paul Vachon is the embodiment of a longtime metro Detroit resident whose interests and heart belong to the city and its outer suburbs, as reflected in his latest book: Detroit: An

The city of Detroit has certainly not fared well of late, but this book by Paul Vachon takes the long view, starting as it does a million years ago when the topography of Michigan was formed in various ice ages.

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