100 Things to Do in West Virginia Before You Die


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Title: 100 Things to Do in West Virginia Before You Die
Author: Melody Pittman and Angela Richards
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781681064291
Price: $22.50

The beautiful state of West Virginia has many nicknames dedicated to her natural beauty. Whether you know the state of West Virginia as “Wild and Wonderful,” “Almost Heaven,” or “the Mountain State,” there is no better way to experience all the natural beauty here than to load up the car and immerse yourself in its wonder. 100 Things to Do in West Virginia Before You Die gives ideas for seeing the best of the Mountain State, with insider tips sharing fun facts and personal recommendations. With carefully crafted itineraries for the whole family, visitors and locals alike will be ready to traverse the state like a true mountaineer.

Take the back roads and discover the smallest church in the continental US, built before Hawaii and Alaska entered statehood, its white steeple standing out amongst picturesque scenery. Visit the most powerful and largest steerable radio telescope in the world, nestled in the middle of a national forest. Breathe in fresh mountain air and hike through some of the prettiest scenic vistas you will find anywhere, especially along the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, named after that famous family feud . . .

Learn about the importance of the coal mine and glass industries and how local African Americans played a big part in World War I. West Virginia has it all, with everything from rich culture to beautiful architecture to iconic eateries.

West Virginia-born-and-raised professional travel writer Melody Pittman and lifelong resident and seasoned WV traveler Angie Richards invite you to explore the places they’ve curated through memorable trips of their own. They wrote this book to dazzle you with the beauty of “Almost Heaven, West Virginia,” up your history knowledge, fill your taste buds with delicious bites, and introduce you to new, exciting WV finds.


If you think you know West Virginia, wait until you read, 100 Things to Do in West Virginia Before You Die!

On this West Virginia Morning, 100 Things to Do in West Virginia Before You Die is a new book to help locals and visitors explore the Mountain State. Inside Appalachia Producer Bill Lynch spoke with Melody Pittman, who co-authored the

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2 reviews for 100 Things to Do in West Virginia Before You Die

  1. Allison Hardy

    When Melody and Angie started the book with Tudor’s and later referred to the WV State Museum as the Culture Center, I knew these women were qualified to give advice on visiting my home state of West Virginia.

    100 Things To Do In West Virginia Before You Die is a great, informative read for those looking to visit West Virginia or learn more about their home state. I discovered several places I’ve never heard of before!

  2. Vicki Parrish

    When traveling, I research areas for months and actually make a checklist of everything I want to do ! My checklist includes experiences that include entertainment, recreation , a day or two of history , a fun selfie spot and at the top of my list is finding places to eat that are unique to that area!
    I’m a WV girl who is thankful to see that there is a book that makes it easy for those who want to visit my home state! There are so many restaurants and activities that I’ve realized I have not experienced that are now on my list!
    I’m very thankful that I purchased “100 Things To Do In WV Before You Die.” I don’t even have to make a checklist on places I would like to visit in WV! There are itineraries included in this wonderful book and even activities by season! I can’t wait to get started seeing more of my beautiful state!
    Good job, Melody and Angie! Thank you for sharing your love for our wonderful state of West Virginia!

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