100 Things to Do in Riverside, CA Before You Die



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Title: 100 Things to Do in Riverside, CA Before You Die
Author: Larry Burns
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781681060811
Price: $16.00

At just under 82 square miles and just over 300,000 residents, Riverside is easy to find. With dozens of parks, hiking trails, and preserved open spaces, it can be hard to leave. The city does not merely boast a vibrant city center, but centers! The western and northern sections capture the rural heritage with its historic greenbelt. The eastern and southern sections are more densely populated and reflect the area’s more recent history as an education and economic hub for the Inland Empire. Decades ago, Riverside grew under the shadow of Los Angeles, starting as little more than a pit stop along the road from LA to Palm Springs for Hollywood celebrities. From these humble origins, Riverside is now an arts and innovation corridor. By car, by foot, or bicycle, the city has an eclectic collection of artisan shops, regional foods, and one of a kind things to see. 100 Things to Do in Riverside, CA Before You Die is your local guide that cuts to the chase, saves you time and shows you what’s unique, fun, and simply worth doing in Riverside.


Larry Burns’ epiphany to follow his dreams came while working as the career center director at Cal State San Bernardino, helping students connect their education with their vocation.

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