100 Things to Do in Memphis Before You Die, Third Edition



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Title: 100 Things to Do in Memphis Before You Die, Third Edition
Author: Samantha Crespo
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781681061764
Price: $16.00

It’s easy to spend a rockin’ good time in Memphis sticking strictly to the biggies—Elvis, barbecue, the blues. For the record, you should experience these. But you should also note that behind every Memphis attraction known worldwide, there are layers upon intimate, authentic layers to discover— if you know where to look. 100 Things to Do in Memphis Before You Die is that kind of guide, and the third edition takes you even deeper into this truly original American city. Updated with brand-new entries, fresh food and drink recommendations, updates on popular attractions, and more freebies than ever, the third edition shares a treasure of insider’s tips so you won’t miss a thing. Whether you’re a first-timer, repeat visitor, or even a local, this fresh spin on all that’s beloved (or sure to be loved) about Memphis reveals how to make the most of your Bluff City ramble.


Think you've done it all and seen it all in Memphis? A local author dares you to take another look at the city we love.

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