An interview with the author, Mr. Delaney

Jacksonville’s urban revitalization is underway and gaining momentum. This is evident in the growing high rise apartment buildings in Brooklyn, Riverside, and Murray Hill; restoration of historic landmarks, such as Renaissance Revival landmark Cowford Chophouse building; and renewed interest in connecting communities by pedestrian and bike pathways, such as the Emerald Trail project. Redevelopment of historic areas, such as Riverside, is an intricate balancing act that includes preservation of architectural heritage of existing significant buildings and streets, while encouraging investments in new residential construction to support population growth. The uniqueness of Jacksonville urban core, specifically Riverside, is the product of its rich history, geographical location, and local policymakers’ vision. To better understand the Jacksonville urban core’s journey and what lies on its horizon, I interviewed Bill Delaney, author of the book Secret Jacksonville: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure.