I’m so excited to tell you about Erin Huiatt’s new book, 100 Things to do in Des Moines Before You Die which she sent me a free copy of for review purposes. This book is in the same series as my Siouxland travel guide, 100 Things to do in Sioux City and Siouxland Before You Die and 100 Things to do in Iowa Before You Die by Sara Broers. and I’m a huge fan of this series, which is why I wanted to write for it in the first place! Anyway, a big part of why I love this series is that our publisher, Reedy Press, does not just have a professional writer on their staff churn out travel guides about places they haven’t been based on internet search results that may or may not still be accurate. Instead, they rely on local experts to write about their own areas and share the big attractions and the great little places that everyone should know about.