Hi The Local Tourist! A spontaneous adventure, big goals, and making friends cry. Wanderlust Weekly, April 6, 2023 – The Local Tourist

Hello the-local-tourist!

Last week I said I was excited to see what April would bring. Well, it’s already brought me an adventure!

Sunday morning I woke up and realized my friend Dannelle’s book launch party was the next day in Madison, which is less than two hours away. I remembered how I felt when friends flew cross-country for my first book launch. Time to pay it forward.

I had just enough points to get me two nights at a (really crappy) motel. I booked the room, packed up, and drove north, stopping at Rock Cut State Park to research it for Midwest State Park Adventures. (That’s the second book in the Midwest Adventures series I’m publishing under The Local Tourist imprint. More on that in a future email.)

As someone who’s used to promoting places as I travel, it was difficult not to post pictures of the pair of herons I saw on my Monday morning hike, but I knew if I did, my friend would see them and the gig would be up.

With the help of another friend, I successfully surprised Dannelle and made her cry. It was a true pleasure to see this powerhouse of a woman honored for her accomplishment, complete with ribbon cutting. She deserves it; she’s using the book, 100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die, to raise money for Wisconsin charities. Her goal? To give away half a million dollars. Phenomenal.