New for 2023 is a unique spiral bound book by Danny Jensen which would be a lot of fun for fathers who live in Southern California within driving distance of Los Angeles, as well as dads who have always wanted to visit LA who’d like to get a virtual taste of the city through reading this book full of location-inspired trivia. Broken down into 22 neighborhoods across sprawling Los Angeles,  from Olvera Street near Downtown to Santa Monica and Venice Beaches, readers will find black and white photos and a bit of information for each quirky LA location. With interesting wall murals, buildings, historical sites and interesting signage, there are new things to discover and learn about even for seasoned Los Angelenos who have lived here for decades. LA Scavenger, Paper Back Wire Bound, 192 pages, is available direct from the publisher Reedy Press, Amazon and at select independent bookstores.
I hope you find the perfect gift to suit your father’s unique personality here; in fact you may find some good gifts for Dad for other occasions here (like his next birthday), for yourself, or for other family members and friends. The main thing to not lose sight of: if you are blessed to have a father in your life, remember to call your Dad on Father’s Day as well as stay in touch with him throughout the year.

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