Bears, Birds, and Bucket Lists with Dawn Wilson – Think Tank

Photographers know all about bucket-list items. We use our cameras like a passport into the world, driving us to achieve that rare and unique capture of a landscape, animal or night sky.
Even with all I have already witnessed, I still have many on my own, very lengthy bucket list. Photograph polar bears in Svalbard, get down low in the sand with penguins in Antarctica, play in snowy conditions with muskox in Alaska, admire the beauty of giraffes in Africa, document the misty scenes of rutting elk in a rainforest, and capture the spring beauty of the Palouse are just a few at the top of my list that includes hundreds of destinations, subjects and moments. I’ll be busy for a while — whether those images come on my own dime, working on assignment for a publication or tour company, or guiding my clients to far-flung destinations.
Closer to home, however, I recently published a book—100 Things to Do in Estes Park Before You Die—to help visitors to Estes Park, Colo. achieve their bucket list on a smaller scale. This little mountain town where I lived for the last six years is the basecamp for Rocky Mountain National Park.