Local Interest

We want to hear your book idea. We look for compelling stories, revered places, and unique subjects that pique the interest of the local community. Appealing topics include nostalgia, sports, noteworthy neighborhoods, and other local interest subjects.

Our books range from narrative histories to children’s picture books to pictorial volumes. We can produce a beautiful coffee-table book or a small black-and-white paperback, just the right size for your backpack as its travel tips guide you through a new city.

If you have a great idea, email us your pitch. Our editorial team can cultivate your idea. We’ll pull together a team of publishing professionals to usher it through the production process. Designers and typesetters will assemble those words and images into a professional, final product. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Reedy’s marketing will be hard at work to ensure that your book reaches the widest possible audience.

Local Interest books include:

  • Cookbooks–to down-home traditions
  • Guidebooks and Travel Guides–the ins and outs of local food, entertainment, and culture
  • Sports–history of college and pro teams
  • History–from Civil War to '60 civil unrest
  • Historic Neighborhoods–quaint neighborhoods and aweinspiring mansions
  • Nostalgia–stories passed down for generations

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How we acquire new titles

Have you ever wondered how a book is published? Our team of publishing professionals can take your ideas and make them a hardcover or softcover reality.

Do you have an incredible idea or a compelling story? Email us a pitch. We can help fine-tune your concept and guide it through the production process. If your book is for the trade market, we’ll promote and distribute it through our extensive wholesale network, which includes independent booksellers, major booksellers—like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Costco, and Sam’s—and libraries everywhere.

Or maybe you know precisely what you want your book to be. We can help navigate the publishing process by offering as little or as much help as you need. Once we have a manuscript and images, we will provide copyediting, proofreading, design, and anything else necessary to produce a high-quality product. From editorial through design and printing, we shepherd the job from start to finish. See what our clients have to say. Look over our traditional and custom/commemorative publishing services, and visit our store for examples of some of our titles. Then make contact. We look forward to hearing your pitch or discussing your project.

Our publishing process

Acquisitions/Developmental Editing: An author supplies original material to the Reedy Press editorial team for consideration. If the project is viable, the manuscript is then reviewed and returned to the author for additional work. The final, approved manuscript copy is then forwarded to copyediting.

Copyediting: The original author manuscript is provided to a copyeditor (typically as a MS Word file). The copyeditor will not only mark all grammatical and typographical errors, but will also reword or rewrite as necessary to improve the format, style, accuracy, or flow of the original manuscript copy while maintaining the integrity of the original. Once copyediting is complete, the updated manuscript is returned to the author for review. After the author and publisher give their mutual approval, the book is ready for typesetting.

Layout and Design: A designer selects fonts and graphic elements and, using text and images as placeholders, lays out several pages to illustrate what the final pages will look like. Often a designer will create more than one design sample. Changes to the design will occur based on author preference, page count, length of text, and other such reasons. Once the final design is approved, a template is returned to the typesetter.

Typesetting: The typesetter will receive the sample template from the designer along with the approved copyedited manuscript. The typesetter flows the copyedited manuscript into the template (typically in InDesign) and attaches or creates all styles for headings, text, and illustrations/graphics per the approved design. The typesetter also receives final edits from the proofreader and is responsible for making those corrections at the end of the production process.

Proofreading: The proofreader is the last line of defense against errors in a book. A proofreader is responsible for reading through the final, formatted pages and marking all errors. This could include extra spaces within the text, missing words or page numbers, typos, and any other mistakes that may have crept in because of human error. The marked-up copy is then returned to the typesetter to implement. If edits have been extensive, the proofreader will review the newly corrected pages a second time.

Printing: Once final proofreading is complete, pages and cover files are uploaded to a selected printer for printing and binding. Printers can produce books with hardcover or softcover binding, full-color or grayscale printing, and various trim sizes. Final books are boxed and shipped from the printer to the Reedy Press warehouse or to the client if applicable.

Marketing: During the entire production process, the marketing effort is in full swing to ensure each title will be promoted in the most effective way and to the right audience. Reedy Press books are found on Amazon and on the shelves of Barnes & Noble, Costco, and Sam’s Club, and independent retailers. Authors receive guidance and support to help maximize sales.

Developmental Editing: As a value add, Reedy Press offers developmental editing, the process of taking a concept and organizing it into an outline. This process can also involve helping the author reshape the manuscript. Either way, developmental editing can help focus, or re-focus, the author and minimize headaches latein the game.