David Anthony Witter

An author, journalist, teacher, lecturer, and historian, David Anthony Witter has been documenting Chicago’s history and neighborhoods for over thirty years. His books include Oldest Chicago; Chicago Magic, A History of Stagecraft and Spectacle; and Be-Bop, Swing and Bella Musica. His historical articles and photographs have appeared in The Chicago Reader, New City, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, Living Blues, The Copley News Syndicate, and many other publications. Witter has also added to his feel and appreciation for Chicago’s history and culture through playing blues at local venues.

All this month, we've been telling you about our Italian beef contest, with people voting for their favorite spot in the Chicago area. But many don't know the history of the Chicago classic. You can learn more in Amazing Chicago.

Think you know the Windy City? David Anthony Witter’s latest book, Amazing Chicago: The City of Big Shoulders, Murder, and Mayhem, tells the stories behind local landmarks, people, food—and even a few hauntings. Whether you’re a lifelong Chicagoan or a recent

Paul goes behind the curtain with the author of Amazing Chicago: The City of Big Shoulders, Murder and Mayhem, written by David Anthony Witter. The book uncovers the fascinating and often strange but true stories of Chicago’s architectural splendor, creativity


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