Holly Whitfield

Holly Whitfield eats, sleeps, and breathes Memphis. As a proud Memphian since 2005, she sees her beloved city with a fresh perspective and finds that the contagious energy of her fellow Memphians provides constant inspiration and knowledge for daily articles and online musings through the award-winning I Love Memphis Blog. Holly is a graduate of The University of Memphis, an internationally-published writer, a 2016 Southern Living Southerner of the Year, and Editor of the I Love Memphis Blog since 2013.

“Oh, yes. This is everybody’s favorite question. And also my favorite question to ask people as well. . . Mainly it is because the inspiration that I get from talking to other Memphians propels me every single day. Everybody has

Holly Whitfield joins Geoff to discuss her new book, Secret Memphis. Geoff also discusses whether Colin Kaepernick will return to the NFL and if so, what teams make sense. 

Holly Whitfield, author of the famous ILoveMemphisBlog, joins the show in-studio to talk about her new book Secret Memphis. Holly talks about all the research it took to write this book and shares a few stories from the book. If


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