Tim and Lisa Trudell

Tim and Lisa Trudell are the owners of the travel blog, The Walking Tourists, and live in southwest Omaha. Lisa was a travel professional for over 16 years. Tim Trudell was a journalist with community newspapers for several years and is currently a freelance writer and online content creator, as well as the photographer, editor, and author of the blog. They are the coauthors of 100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die and Unique Eats and Eateries of Omaha. When not traveling, they love to continue to explore their hometown of Omaha, as well as the unique areas of Nebraska. You can follow them at @100ThingsOmaha or

Memorial Day is quickly approaching along with a multitude of summer events just around the corner. I’m personally excited to dig into local history a little bit more, and one of the guides I plan to use is Tim and Lisa

When you share with people outside of Nebraska that you live in the Panhandle they often will say, “Oh, I have a friend in Omaha/Lincoln. Their name is so-and-so. Do you know them?” Little do they know that Nebraska is

For Omaha residents Tim and Lisa Trudell, telling stories is their passion. More specifically, the stories behind the people and places that have made Omaha the city it is today.


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