Tim and Lisa Trudell

Tim and Lisa Trudell are the owners of the travel blog, The Walking Tourists, and live in southwest Omaha. Lisa was a travel professional for over 16 years. Tim Trudell was a journalist with community newspapers for several years and is currently a freelance writer and online content creator, as well as the photographer, editor, and author of the blog. They are the coauthors of 100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die and Unique Eats and Eateries of Omaha. When not traveling, they love to continue to explore their hometown of Omaha, as well as the unique areas of Nebraska. You can follow them at @100ThingsOmaha or

Many travelers reacted in the year 2020 by rethinking how and where they want to travel. Rather than taking sun-kissed cruises or luxury spa trips, many folks are re-examining their priorities, and searching to put more meaning into their upcoming

Lisa Trudell works away — but after hours, or on lunch. Her side hustle has her and her husband, Tim, snapping photos, moving around this new restaurant in the Blackstone district like tourists.


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