Annie Tobey


A native Richmonder, Annie Tobey has seen the city grow and blossom. She has experienced the best of her city both as a fun-loving resident and through the lens of a travel writer. She is an award-winning writer, magazine editor, and beer columnist, and enjoys covering local craft beverages, museums, restaurants, and more. A long-distance runner, she has also created history-focused Richmond running routes, fine-tuning appreciation for her hometown.


Though not a big city, Richmond offers an amazing range of activities. Award-winning author Annie Tobey has curated 100 of the best into five categories: Food & Drink, History & Culture, Music & Entertainment, Sports & Recreation, and Shopping &

Whether you’re a long-time resident, newcomer, or visitor, insider tips can help you make the most of a place. Boomer editor Annie Tobey guides readers around her hometown in her new book, 100 Things to Do in Richmond Before You

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