R. C. Staab


R.C. Staab is a New York-based playwright, librettist and lyricist whose musicals and plays have been produced in New York, San Francisco, England and the Midwest.  He is a two-time nominee for England’s Best New Song competition.


COURT HOUSE - If you see a man walking the strand with a determined face, he's a self-proclaimed "Jersey Shore expert" on a mission.  R.C. Staab is yearning to complete a trip from Sandy Hook, in Monmouth County, to Cape May,

The way people view the world is constantly changing, opening our eyes to different avenues and taking us in new directions. Author R.C. Staab’s view of the state’s coastline changed after he wrote his book “100 Things to Do at

A New York-based author thinks he may now know the Jersey Shore better than anyone. R.C. Staab, whose "100 Things to Do at the Jersey Shore Before You Die" was published last March, is on a mission to bring his knowledge to a


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