Dan Shortridge

Rachel Kipp and Dan Shortridge are a husband-and-wife writing team with nearly four decades of combined experience in journalism and public relations. They have lived in Delaware for a total of 40 years, living or working in all three counties. As reporters for Delaware’s largest newspaper, they covered the state from top to bottom, writing about education, the arts, politics, government, business, and more. Rachel and Dan live in central Delaware with their three children and are always on the hunt for new things to do and places to go. Follow them at @100thingsinde on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Join the Read Aloud Delaware team for a chat with the authors of Secret Delaware—Rachel Kipp and Dan Shortridge!

A border marker buried under a manhole, a fiberglass presidential candidate and lots and lots of lima beans are some of the “weird, wonderful and obscure” elements that define Delaware in a new book. Secret Delaware is the second book written

For a state as small as Delaware, you might think there's not much to discover in our (few) nooks and crannies.