Kathy Schrenk

Kathy Schrenk started riding the rail trails of the Midwest with her aunt and uncle as soon as she was old enough to pedal. She began writing shortly thereafter and has worked as a newspaper reporter and magazine writer for 25 years. While living in California for more than a decade she became an experienced cyclist and outdoorswoman. In 2013 she returned to the Midwest, determined to find the best outdoor experiences the region had to offer. She started and leads a social media hiking group for families that has more than 2000 members. Her book Best Hikes with Kids: St. Louis and Beyond was released in 2018.

Local author Kathy Schrenk has written a new book Katy Trail: A Guided Tour Through History.

You could pay a lot of money for a guided bike tour of the Katy Trail, our country's longest rail-trail which stretches 240 miles from Clinton to Machens, Missouri. Or you could buy author Kathy Schrenk's new book, Katy Trail: A

September 2021
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