Bill Rogers

Authors Bill Borst, Bill Rogers, and Ed Wheatley are members of the St. Louis Browns Historical Society, which was founded in 1984 to promote and preserve the legacy and memorabilia of the St. Louis Browns American League baseball club. St. Louis Browns: The Story of a Beloved Team tells the team’s story not only to fans who remember the Browns but to future generations as well, ensuring that this unique team will never be forgotten.

A great look into the St. Louis Browns with historical society and fan club president, Ed Wheatley. His book and the subsequent PBS specials on the team are a must-see for baseball fans. We talk about Ed’s incredible artifacts and

The film Slama starred in was spurred by the book, "The St. Louis Browns: The Story of a Beloved Team," by Bill Borst, Bill Rogers and Ed Wheatley, president of the St. Louis Browns Historical Society.

A tip of the pen cap to St. Louis Browns pennant-waver Ed Wheatley, who has managed to get two of his books placed on a "best of" list.


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