Amy Piper


While Amy Piper is a lifelong Michigander, she’s had adventures worldwide. Bomb-sniffing dogs chased her in the middle of the night in Bogota, gate agents refused her boarding to Paraguay (wrong visa), and US Marshals announced her seat number on a plane while looking for a murder suspect (she’d traded seats). It’s always an adventure! She even finds adventure in her home state of Michigan, where she lives in Lansing with her husband, Ross Dingman, her daughter, Alexis, and two granddaughters. Discover her adventures at


Michigan Author Amy Piper presents a guidebook that embraces the culture, people, and experiences that the state has to offer.

Michigan is an amazing state surrounded by freshwater, gorgeous beaches, cultural gems, and many bizarre stories. There's a new guidebook that will teach readers about those stories, people, places, and history that make the Mitten State a wonderful place to

Lifelong Michigan resident and travel writer Amy Piper’s new guidebook talks about the culture and experiences that Michigan has to offer in her new book Secret Michigan: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure.