Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy has spent the past 30 years producing television programs for PBS, both locally and nationally. A five-time Emmy award winner, he has created documentaries, weekly series, and musical variety shows. For the past 22 years he has hosted the St. Louis Speakers series from Powell Hall, interviewing more than 150 of the world’s most renowned artists, writers, adventurers, and political leaders. He is also a working artist, exhibiting his collection of woodcut prints in galleries throughout the St. Louis region. Murphy spent his boyhood hearing family stories about the Switzer Licorice Company, where his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather worked as candy men.

Joseph Murphy’s name was on a list. After his participation in the failed Fenian Rising of 1867 — in which the Irish protested against British rule — Murphy was forced to flee his home in Dublin, Ireland, to avoid a

Everyone knew Switzer’s. The brick building was a landmark on Laclede's Landing, where a pleasant aroma filled the air for decades. Even after the company moved, the brand's large, flowing yellow script loomed large on the building above the Eads Bridge.


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