Tom Manus and Kristi Flick Manus


Tom Manus and Kristi Flick Manus are freelance travel writers for print and online publications, along with their website Kristi is a Madison area native while Tom happily adopted Wisconsin after their marriage in 1995. After living in many states across the country, they moved to Eau Claire. They enjoy exploring different cultures, history, roadside attractions, and nature by road trips on backroads and two-lane highways. Along with international travel, they have visited 48 states, with only Hawaii and the elusive Rhode Island remaining.


Local authors Tom Manus and Kristi Flick Manus love uncovering unusual stories that must be told. They are passionate about finding Wisconsin’s out-of-the-ordinary, hidden, and quirky side and then sharing what they’ve learned with their readers. We’ll talk to them

Join travel writers Tom and Kristi Flick Manus as they lead you on a journey through their home state of Wisconsin in a quest to find the “weird, wonderful, and obscure.”

Twig’s Beverage in Shawano one of over 80 things unveiled by travel writers in Secret Wisconsin.


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