Mary Dixon Lebeau

Mary Dixon Lebeau has been a part of the Jersey Shore since her parents met on the Wildwood boardwalk. She grew up on the beaches in the Wildwoods, spent her teen summers in Ocean City, and waited tables through college in Cape May. She is a freelance writer and former reporter and newspaper columnist and is the author of Secret Philadelphia: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure. Mary, a resident of West Deptford, can be reached at [email protected]. She also hangs out on Facebook and runs pages for Secret Philly and Secret Jersey Shore there. When she’s not oceanside, she’s usually papercrafting, experimenting with new recipes, and blogging at

As a Philly homeowner in a downtown neighborhood for over 40 years – and having worked in Philly for over 50 years, - I pretty much know my Philly history, though we all have something new to learn. After finding

Black-and-white photographs as well as an inset section of color plates enhance this showcase of wonders. From the tradition of throwing a penny on the Founding Father's grave, to learning how surgery was performed in the 19th century, to the