Julie Jo Larson

Julie Jo Larson is a writer, storycatcher, public speaker, and licensed social worker. She spends most weekends exploring Minnesota and writing MsStorian Adventures. When not advising college students, she can be found on the trail with a walking stick in hand and worn mukluks on her feet. Julie Jo lives in rural Brainerd with her husband, family pets, and a flock of chickens. Visit her at

If you're feeling especially depressed this weekend, I invite you to start planning your summer adventures. I'm a bucket list kind of gal and there's nothing like some good adventure-planning to lift a mood out of the doldrums. A book

Author Julie Jo Larson brings us 100 Things to Do in Minnesota Before You Die and 100 Things to Do in the Minnesota Northwoods Before You Die. In the land where Paul Bunyan statues are big and Bigfoot tales are

Our great state has more fun, interesting, exciting, amazing things to do and see than you can shake a pronto pup at, and our guest on this episode, Julie Jo Larson, can help you narrow it down to one or